The Outdoor Educators’ Association of South Australia has as its aims:

  • To promote the development of Outdoor Education in South Australia
  • To represent Outdoor Educators on issues and matters concerning the use of the outdoors
  • To maintain the professional development of personnel working in the area of Outdoor Education
  • To maintain, support and develop the role of Outdoor Educators in South Australia
  • To promote the professional interchange of information between members and other related organisations through conferences, meetings, seminars and publications
  • To promote a philosophy of environmental awareness, preservation, conservation and positive attitudes towards the use of the outdoor environment
  • To act in an advisory capacity to community, government and non-government agencies.

The Outdoor Educators’ Association of South Australia supports the following national ethical guidelines for outdoor educators:

  • The Outdoor Educator will fulfil their duty of care
  • The Outdoor Educator will provide a supportive and appropriate learning environment
  • The Outdoor Educator will develop their professionalism
  • The Outdoor Educator will ensure their practice is culturally and environmentally sensitive.


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