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The Outdoor Educators’ Association of South Australia has as its aims:

> To promote the development of Outdoor Education in South Australia
> To represent Outdoor Educators on issues and matters concerning the use of the outdoors
> To maintain the professional development of personnel working in the area of Outdoor Education
> To maintain, support and develop the role of Outdoor Educators in South Australia
> To promote the professional interchange of information between members and other related organisations through conferences, meetings, seminars and publications
> To promote a philosophy of environmental awareness, preservation, conservation and positive attitudes towards the use of the outdoor environment
> To act in an advisory capacity to community, government and non-government agencies.

The Outdoor Educators’ Association of South Australia supports the following national ethical guidelines for outdoor educators:

The Outdoor Educator will fulfil his/her duty of care
> The Outdoor Educator will provide a supportive and appropriate learning environment
> The Outdoor Educator will develop his/her professionalism
> The Outdoor Educator will ensure his/her practice is culturally and environmentally sensitive.


Outdoor Educators specialise in the planning, preparation and implementation of outdoor experiences for health and wellbeing, personal development, group skills, environmental learning and sustainable living. They work in the areas of education, ecotourism, youth at risk, corporate team building and recreation. They also have generic skills such as remote travel, leadership, logistics and management to work in other areas such as management, emergency services and community work.

A Professional Outdoor Educator can help with:

  • Planning and conducting outdoor journeys for health and wellbeing, personal development, group skills and environmental learning
  • Guiding novices in semi-remote areas
  • Assessing and managing risks in outdoor adventure activities
  • Providing education to others for independent safe and enjoyable outdoor journeys
  • Engaging special populations such as youth at risk
  • Providing support to other initiatives such as health and wellbeing interventions, disengaged youth programs, social justice, environmental learning, conservation and sustainability works, corporate team building
  • Remote area travel and survival.

Professional Outdoor Educators are:

  • Qualified in outdoor leadership. They may have additional qualifications such as a Diploma, or a Bachelor in another field such as Human Movement or Education
  • Are eligible for national registration and insurance
  • Governed by a national code of ethics
  • Skilled in outdoor journeys in semi-remote areas
  • Active in supporting social justice, conservation and sustainability efforts
  • Skilled in assessing and managing risks in outdoor activities.