Outdoor Leadership - Tertiary Options

I want to study Outdoor Leadership in South Australia. What are my options?

Students interested in outdoor leadership for a career have 3 world class offerings in South Australia.

OEASA asked the program leaders at Flinders University, University of South Australia and TAFESA questions provided by senior outdoor education students.




Flinders University

Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity (Outdoor Education)

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Health and Physical Education)


University of South Australia

Bachelor of Human Movement (IBHT)

Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Leadership (IBOE)

Bachelor of Education (LHSE)

TAFESA Regency campus

Diploma of Outdoor Leadership


What courses are offered at your institution that would be appropriate for a Year 12 Outdoor Education student with an interest in this area?


Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity (Outdoor Education)

By completing this undergraduate degree you can also qualify for a Master of Teaching specialising in OE and PE.

IBHT – best for those wanting to go on to a Master of Teaching able to each HPE and OE to year 12, Junior Science.

IBOE – best for those want to go on to a Master of Teaching able to teach Science and OE to year 12.

LHSE – best for those that want to teach other areas with Outdoor Education such as Design and Technology and non-HPE learning areas.


  • Outdoor Leadership



What career pathways does this course lead toward?


  • Outdoor Educator
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Camp leader / operator
  • Outdoor Education Teacher (pending completion of Master of Teaching)
  • Corporate and group development
  • Outdoor and adventure therapy



  • Outdoor Educator
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Camp leader / operator
  • Outdoor Education Teacher (pending completion of Master of Teaching)
  • Corporate and group development
  • Outdoor and adventure therapy


  • Human Movement Practitioner

Also eligible for post graduate Primary Teaching, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Business, Aboriginal Studies, Journalism, Research, Occupational Therapy, Physio with minor in OE only.


  • Cultural worker
  • Community Engagement Officer

Also eligible for post graduate primary teaching, Social Work, Aboriginal Studies, Journalism, Research


  • Secondary teacher to year 12

(Arts, English, Humanities, Languages, Maths, Science, Technologies (e.g. Design and Technology) with Outdoor Education

  • Outdoor Leader in the outdoor recreation and education industry
  • Adventure tour guide in the tourism industry
  • Outdoor instructor and guide in several outdoor activities
  • Outdoor Leader coordinator
  • Corporate and group development
  • Pathway to further tertiary study





What certificates / qualifications will students gain by successfully completing this course?


Bachelor’s Degree

Aligns with ‘Outdoor Educator’ award in progress

Opportunity to be accredited for bushwalking, kayaking, rock-climbing and mountain biking depending on options chosen and completion of independent logged experience requirements and successful completion of assessments.


Bachelor’s Degree

Aligns with ‘Outdoor Educator’ award in progress

Included within courses are Bushwalking Leadership SA Assistant Leader, Paddle Australia Paddle Supervisor and

SAREA Assistant Rock-climbing guide.

Progress towards full awards included in the program but external assessment required. Registration is at own expense.

  • Diploma Outdoor Leadership
  • Activity and industry qualifications in:
  • Bushwalk leader in difficult tracked and untracked areas
  • Flat water kayaking leader
  • Climbing top rope guide
  • Challenge ropes course leader
  • Sea kayaking leader
  • Mountain bike leader
  • Remote area first aid


Can these qualifications be used interstate or overseas?


Yes and no. This is partly dependant on where you plan to go and who you plan to work with. Some qualifications are nationally and internationally recognised and others are not. The critical part is that you maintain your logs, evidence of assessment and accreditation and apply for recognition of prior learning and achievement with the employer or organisation that you are moving to.

As for Flinders.


As for Flinders


What practical experiences are provided as part of this course?


40+ days learning practically in the field, plus 4 cultural site visits, plus 150+ hours with placement partners working as an outdoor professional, this is roughly organised under the following topics (subjects)

Outdoor Adventures:

5 single day trips (currently 3 paddle and 2 mountain bike)

Introduction to Education in Outdoor Environments

2 single day trips (currently day walk and climb/abseil)

3 day bushwalk

14 day multi activity expedition (work integrated learning with school group)

Introduction to Outdoor Activity Leadership

6 single day trips (rockclimbing)

5 day camp (rockclimbing)

Facilitating Learning and Development in Outdoor Environments

4 single day experiences

4 day expedition

7 days placement with industry partner or educational institution

Indigenous Studies: An Introduction

3 cultural site visits

Caring as Country: Indigenous Environmental Management

1 cultural site visit

Placement topic

Minimum 100 hour placement with industry partner or educational institution including the completion of a placement project

Field Days


70+ Days


Additional 20 + days

Plus: laboratory practicals, self-reliant.


Option for extension programs in Tasmania or New Zealand, exchange OE in Norway for one semester.


A requirement for the course is to have several activity and industry qualifications and the practical component is very high.

  • 100+ days of practical training and assessment
  • Ranging from 1 day to 25 days
  • In South Australia, Victoria, NSW and New Zealand
  • Assisting hour requirement for specific activities
  • Work experience/leading in schools and outdoor recreation providers

If a student wishes to become a teacher, what additional courses/degrees/diplomas need to be completed to apply for teacher registration?


Master of teaching, Flinders will have the option to allow you to study curriculum specialisation for PE and OE to allow you to register to teach OE to year 12.



UniSA have option to study curriculum specialisation to year 12 HPE and OE, Junior Science.


Specialisation to teach Science to year 12, particularly Biology and Environmental Science. OE to year 12 planned as graduates complete.

Both degrees have options for MTeach Primary

Would need to follow a study pathway at an appropriate Uni

How does this course differ from what is on offer at other tertiary institutions?

Are there other degrees at your institution that I should consider if I am interested in the outdoors?

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)


Bachelor of Environmental Science

Bachelor of Business (Sport and Recreation) and Bachelor of Psychology) can include minor / sub-major in outdoor leadership





What are the units/topics studied in this course?


I believe answered in question 5, for further information on the whole degree https://www.flinders.edu.au/study/courses/bachelor-sport-health-physical-activity-outdoor-education


Details can be found at https://unisa.edu.au/



Physical Activity and Health, Group Dynamics, Movement, Human Biology, Exercise Science, Fitness, Nutrition, Biomechanics, Motor Control, Sociology.

  • Pre senior HPE/OE and junior science
  • Physical Education as a specialist option (combine with)
  • Outdoor Leadership as a specialist option



Biodiversity, Geology, Human-Nature, Sustainability, Environmental Management, Outdoor Leadership, Leadership, Aboriginal studies

  • No option for sport or HPE
  • 5 specialisation options of Counselling, Management, Biology, Community Engagement, Aboriginal Studies


Education practice, teaching and inquiry, pedagogy and curriculum, creating positive learning environments, education research


Manage work health and safety

Operate communications systems and equipment

Plan outdoor activity sessions

Develop outdoor recreation programs

Identify hazards, assess and control risks for outdoor recreation activities

Interpret weather and environmental conditions for outdoor recreation activities

Plan for minimal environmental impact

Manage risk for outdoor programs

Facilitate groups

Coordinate client service activities

Coordinate emergency responses

Coordinate work teams or groups

Manage legal compliance in sport and recreation



  • Bushwalking
  • Kayaking
  • Climbing
  • Sea kayaking
  • Challenge ropes
  • Mountain biking
  • Abseiling
  • Tour guiding